On average, a Site Manager spends 12 hours per week in Site Inductions... there must be a better way!

There is.
GetOnSite gives you massive time savings, keeps you safe, and saves you typically £15,150 per year per site.

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How it works

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    For the Site Manager

    1. Download your free trial
    2. We set up your Digital Induction for you and deliver your Site Pack
    3. We start notifying your Site Workers to use your new GetOnSite system
    4. And your Site Manager soon begins to save 2½ hours per day
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    For the Site Worker

    1. Register and download - takes less than 10 minutes
    2. Complete your Health & Safety Induction in your own time, any time, any where
    3. Follow the GetOnSite Induction process, you're ready for Site!

Easy to use

  • Easy to Install and Operate
  • 'At a glance' Dashboard
  • Instant Access to Archives
  • Immediate Cost Savings

Simple, flexible, low cost pricing

Saving you £15,150 per year on average* can cost as little as £11 per day.

You can choose to start with one Site or multiple Sites, and really see the benefits straight away.

From as little as £11 per day

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What people are saying

  • "It's given me back control of my day and literally saved me hours and hours of wasted time"
    Andy McCullen
    Site Manager
    12 years
  • "I no longer have bits of paperwork all over the place, and it's all in one location now. Brilliant!"
    Tim Davies
    Health & Safety Manager
    2 years
  • "I can get on with other things yet still feel safe"
    Grant Holmes
    Technical Manager
    5 years

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