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Are you looking for a new and upgraded induction method? Do you want to save time and money and streamline your process in 2019?

At GetOnSite we’ve created an easy to use on-the-go system, with 24/7 access from all devices, enabling your contractors to induct themselves before arriving on site. Before you take your step into upgrading your current induction method, we’re happy to show you how it all works.

The system demo will take around 15-20 minutes and we will also take some time to answer any questions you may have or run through any sections that you’re not clear about or would like to see more of. We’ll demonstrate how your company’s inductions will look on our system, as well as the process a contractor will go through to complete their induction online.



We’ll share our screen with you so you can see exactly how the system works and during the demo you’ll be able to speak with our inductions specialist, asking them any questions you may have along the way. You will be able to see the sections of the induction that can be tailored to your needs and also the mandatory fields that are built into the system to capture all of the important data you need for managing your inductions on site.

After the induction run-through we’ll show you the Administrator Portal – this is where all of your inductions are created and managed by your project team. Take a look at our GDPR compliant online filing system for your induction logs and we’ll also demonstrate the interactive features such as our Upload Tool, instant search capabilities, flagging system for highlighting vital contractor information, our automated SMS text system for important site updates and all of the other interactive benefits of the GetOnSite system.

You can select a date and time which works best for you or alternatively give us a call on 01285 770011 and we’ll be happy to find you a slot that works around your schedule.



Are you looking to save time, money and streamline your induction process in 2019? Book a FREE INDUCTION AUDIT.

Our induction specialists will run through your current process and use our Induction Savings Calculator to give you actual time and money savings that could be achieved.