Induction videos

Including a short engaging video in your induction can help inductees understand important safety information.

Benefits include:

  • Boosts understanding of complex safety topics
  • Enables you to explain more in a shorter space of time
  • Delivers a consistent message every time
  • Retains contractor’s interest
  • Effective for new starters, existing contractors and visitors

We provide full editing with professional voiceovers and sound, and the finished video is yours to own for use wherever you choose. Choose from either a ready-made induction video or a made-to-order induction video.

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Ready-made animation video

An eye-catching, simple and appealing way to communicate your company’s key messages. Ditch the paperwork and opt for a modern way to engage with your workers. We do all the hard work by personalising your script, inserting your logo, adding background music, and recording the voice-over. When it’s finished, it’s yours to use over and over again at as many sites as you want.

  • Script personalised to company
  • Company logo on first and last slide
  • Professional voice-over
  • Background music
  • HD Video production
  • 100% ownership rights

This popular option has a 7-day delivery time                                    (based on client sign off).

RRP – £590 

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Made-to-order animation video

A fully bespoke video, specially made for your company’s individual needs. We’ll write the script and design your very own storyboard based on your requirements and  deliver it with a professional voice-over and background music. You get unlimited script revisions until it is just right.

  • Scriptwriting with unlimited revisions
  • Storyboard creation and design with unlimited revisions
  • Company logos throughout the entire video
  • Professional voice-over
  • Background music
  • Video animation with three amends
  • HD video production
  • 100% ownership rights

This seamless and professional option has a 3-4 week delivery time (based on client sign off).

RRP – £990 

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Get in touch to enquire about your induction video options. One of our Induction Specialists will be in touch within 48 hours.