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September news update

September has certainly remained a busy month for us as we continue to work at full speed during the ongoing coronavirus crisis to help businesses move from manual, face-to face inductions to online inductions. Here is the latest roundup of news and updates.

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GetOnSite help contractors cope with Covid-19

GetOnSite, an online induction software specialist for the construction industry, has made a significant impact on the sector since the start of Covid-19, providing a solution help to cope with the crisis.

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Benefits of online inductions for Event Industry staff during Covid-19

With events being cancelled due to Covid-19 safety restrictions, the event sector has been hit hard by lockdown. To diminish the possibility of further shutdowns, the health and safety of contractors, crew and event staff will be crucial to the continuation of public gatherings, and it’s never too early to start preparing!

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Coronavirus: 5 tips for inducting farm workers and fruit pickers

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought new challenges to fruit picking farm managers who are concerned about how to protect their staff. The Herefordshire outbreak, featured on the BBC news, highlighted concerns about social distancing during the induction process for new workers. So how can farm manager safely induct their workers?

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Have you joined the digital revolution?

It’s really not surprising that 66% of construction management companies surveyed by Procure Technologies have rolled out some sort of new technology during lockdown, with 94% seeing an improvement in their teams work as a result.

So how are tech companies like GetOnSite helping the industry to covert from old manual practices to new digital ones?

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Constructing a new norm – the digital solution site managers are turning to, to open sites safely

GetOnSite, an online induction software specialist for the construction industry, has seen a 250% increase in orders since lockdown began due to COVID-19.

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Are you ready to run your event post lockdown? 

Thanks to digital innovations and savvy tech developers, event organisers are finding new ways to host their events virtually.  But what happens as we start to slowly come out of lockdown?

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