Contactless, hassle free online inductions. Ditch the paperwork today.

Get your job induction online in 48 hours.

Are you fed up with the amount of paperwork staff inductions generate? Would you like a system that can quickly update employees of any changes you have made? Saving you time and money.

With GetOnSite, managing all job inductions has never been easier.

GetOnSite is a contactless web-based platform to induct employees; meaning no face-to-face delivery of inductions, helping you to comply with current social distancing requirements.

Updates to inductions can be made quickly and effortlessly keeping your workforce up-to-date with changes to polices in real time.

Features of the system include; a full user friendly management portal which includes all of your log details with medical alerts, instant search at the touch of a button, a text messaging service to notify staff, contractors, crew and visitors of any changes to your induction and a facility to add questions to ensure inductees understanding, all on our GDPR compliant cloud storage facility.

We’re constantly updating our system and have recently improved our upload tool, making it even easier to upload documents, specifying if uploads are mandatory and having the option to add in instructions to inductees.

Your bespoke web-based induction can be online in 48 hours. Choosing either an animated or video style, inducting staff will never be easier.

Don’t take our word for it! Listen to Keith Hopkinson explain how GetOnSite has made the site managers at Knox & Wells more efficient from a time point of view. His top tip – don’t waste any time, just contact GetOnSite to arrange a demonstration.


30 day trial

What are people saying?

There’s no more Monday morning blues and moving our induction online has taken away the pain of having to sit through the same induction every day. The system has been really straightforward to use for all of us here at E.G Carter in general.


Site Manager - E.G. Carter & Co

We anticipate it will save us approx £5k a year! Plus management time! The team at GetOnSite were very patient with us as we explored and developed our induction jobs.


Director - Snape Contracting

The time saving has been UNREAL. Knowing the operatives attending site have already been through the induction, I would say it has reduced our workload by at least half of our previous induction process.

The support and advice from the GetOnSite team has been great!

David Cole

Director - Cole Construction

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What’s included?

  • Introduction & discovery – our Induction Specialist will ask you some simple questions to learn more about your current process and advise you on where it can be improved

  • 30 Minute interactive demo with our Induction Specialists

  • Walk through the induction journey from an inductee’s point of view

  • View the Administrator Portal where 1000s of induction logs are stored

  • Test out our automated SMS text notification system

  • See the benefits of our system features including Upload Tool, Induction Video Package, Multiple-Choice Questions and Red-Flagging process.

  • Q&A throughout – you ask the questions and we’ll give you the answers!